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Our Mission

To ensure the most up-to- date and modern use of language in meeting the needs of our clients while taking into account the traditional use of language. We are thoroughly attentive to culture and the communication needs of the consumers, and, SwitchT provides three levels of service:

Level 1: Translation

To provide translation from Japanese into English – or vice versa – while preserving the original meaning. We endeavor to convey accurately the thought and words of the person who composed the writing. The translation process will be best suited to the client’s needs. We offer assistance ranging from one page emails to the translation of large volume documents.

Level 2: Transcreation & Adaptation

Transcreation & Adaptations is a service that converts original catch phrases, product names and store names according to the market needs. Based on a clear understanding of the corporate culture of our clients and the consumers of their products and services, to create expressions appropriate to these consumers, using words and phrases which they understand and use. In short, to provide translations which are multicultural as well as bilingual, and which use the most modern expressions; words which are inspiring and full of empathy.

*This is different to the Translation service. The costs and delivery times are also different from the Translation service.

First, please let us know your requirements in detail. Unless enough requirement is met for conducting the business, such as the provision of necessary information and materials, we will not be able to offer you our services.

Level 3: Multicultural Consulting & Writing

Multicultural Consulting is a service that advises how to communicate appropriately when delivering information to an audience of different cultural background. In order to help enable the target audience to properly understand the information we will provide the support by our bilingual staff who are knowledgeable about cross-cultural situations.


SWITCH T has a staff of highly experienced translators, writers and language advisers who are bilingual and multicultural.


Our fees are based on the Level chosen and the time and type of expertise required to meet fully our clients’ needs. We offer free price quotes upon request and are happy to answer any inquiries concerning our services.