Social contribution activities through donations


Since 2011, we have been participating in the World Vision child sponsorship program.

World Vision is a is an international charity devoted to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children who are affected by poverty, and injustice including conflicts or natural disasters. Through regional programmes, the charity focuses on ensuring access to nutrition, healthcare, water and sanitation, quality education and livelihood for the sustained well-being of children by conducting Area Development Activities. We are delighted that our monthly donation is even in a small way contributing to such a wonderful cause.

The child that we are sponsoring is a girl from Ethiopia. At the time I joined she was 9 years old, and now she has become a 17 years old beautiful young lady. We occasionally get to exchange letters and send small gifts. The wonderful thing of this program is that you can follow your child’s growth though exchanging photos and letters.

In Japan there are also many children who are in need of similar support. We plan to start donating to such children in Japan in the near future.