Level 1

Level 2
Level 3

Level 1: Translation

We cover diverse areas and contents.


Books, magazine articles, newspaper articles


Press releases, advertising copy, various brochures, catalogues, websites, speech scripts, newsletters, mail magazines, letters, speeches, company brochures, specialized magazines

Technical Translation

User’s manual, specifications, standards, warranties, essays, in many product categories, for example, motor manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, software, oil refining and petrochemicals, food, import and export related areas, machinery, equipment, facilities, metallic materials, manufacturing equipment

Business Translation

Contracts, reports, corporate brochures, articles of Incorporation, minutes of meetings,
financial reports

Personal Translations

We provide a wide range of services including translations of written material for non-Japanese who live in Japan or Japanese who live abroad to make their daily lives more comfortable in foreign environment. We interview customers to understand their needs, and we select only those documents which meet these needs.