Photo: Manami Tominaga

President & Representative Director’s ProfileManami TominagaSWITCH T K.K.

“Language is the form that thoughts take
when they are poured out from within.”

Someone may want to understand a particular thought.
However, no matter how urgently they want to understand
the thought, perhaps a language barrier is in the way.
Their eyes are questioning and excited yet anxious and
frustrated by not understanding the language of that thought.
This feeling of questioning, excitement and anxiety is
what we emphasize and what drives us to help people
overcome such barriers.

Manami Tominaga is devoted to a diverse range of activities
involving language, from literature translation,
media interpretation and media coverage, to writing and
guest speaking at universities.

Manami Tominaga’s background is:
Graduate of Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
TOEIC Score of 950
1st Grade in the Practical English Proficiency Test
(Cambridge Exam Comparison / CAE, FCE Grade A)