9h nine hours Akasaka & Coffee Stand GLITCH COFFEE BREWED @9h

Multicultural consulting, translation to English for signage, website and advertising copy

Two venues that share the concept of top quality minimalist service menus, have come together in Akasaka. The two venues are the capsule hotel 9h Akasaka and “GLITCH COFFEE BREWED @9h”, the coffee stand that only has drip brewed coffee on its menu. They are situated in the part of Akasaka where there are many residential houses and old-fashioned shops and have both seamlessly fitted into the landscape as though they have been there for a long time. They serve the needs of the workers and business in Akasaka, and provide an infrastructure for not only sleeping, but also quality design and delicious coffee.

  • Client: nine hours inc.
  • Photo: Nacasa & Partners