Forms within Forms
Product Design by Fumie Shibata

Translation to English, proofreading and editing

A long-awaited collection of works by Fumie Shibata. In this priceless compilation, Shibata takes the reader through the twists and turns of her product design process – from the birth of an idea to its manifestation and then finally its release – all in her own words. People have preconceived notions about the objects surrounding them, but Shibata takes a fresh look at these objects to grasp their true essence when approaching a new design, and in doing so she creates products that feel as if that’s just the way they were meant to be. When flipping through the pages of this book, you’re almost sure to come across something that you’ve seen or touched somewhere before.

  • Author: Fumie Shibata
  • Book Design: Kaoru Kasai
  • Photo Credit: Isamu Uehara
  • Publisher: ADP Company|Art Design Publishing