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Level 3: Multicultural Consulting & Writing Services

When disseminating information, it is essential that one chooses an effective medium that allows one to captivate a wide audience. And if one is reaching out to an audience with varying cultural backgrounds, it is imperative that one pays even greater attention to the details. Otherwise, even the tiniest mistake made in how one communicates one’s message could completely sabotage one’s efforts.

Consider the marketing copy and design of a poster or pamphlet, for example. Can one be confident that the copy and design are appropriate for the target audience? Or is it possible that not only will one’s poster or pamphlet fail to be memorable in the way that one intended, but misunderstood nuances of the language used or a culturally inappropriate design might even result in ridicule or severe criticism? Such an outcome would be unfortunate, and could potentially have unfavorable effects on foreign relations and risk management and damage the reputation of the communicator.

If one is a:

-Japanese individual or organization looking to promote products or services to non-Japanese, or
-Non-Japanese individual or organization looking to promote products or services to Japanese,

SWITCH T can provide the support and advice one needs in order to not only get off to
a great start but also to help one continue to maintain effective communications
across multiple cultures.

Our bilingual, multicultural team of highly experienced translators, writers, and language advisers is available to provide all that is necessary to meet one’s language needs. In addition to a deep understanding of cross-cultural issues, SWITCH T staff members have experience in mass communications, public relations, and advertising. We can also work directly with one’s advertising or PR agency.

We welcome any inquiries regarding our services, our experience and our expertise.