Announcement of Incorporation and New Office Location

We are happy to inform you that SWITCH T is now incorporated and has moved to a new office location, as noted below. SWITCH T will continue to focus on translation as the foundation of its linguistic services, while also providing transcreation, adaptation, multicultural consulting, and writing services. At SWITCH T, our mission is to provide linguistic services that incorporate language as it is used in today’s world, demonstrating an awareness of the latest trends while still respecting traditional usage. We look forward to continuing to work together throughout many more successful years to come.

Manami Tominaga
President and Representative Director
April, 2017

2-28-10 Ebisu Shibuya-ku Tokyo
150-0013 Japan
TEL: +81(0)3-4455-2113
FAX: +81(0)3-6869-6708